Basic biscuits

This basic biscuit recipe is super easy to make and can be used as the base for lots variations of biscuit- lemon, orange, chocolate chip, cinnamon, etc. We made chocolate chip ones recently for Halloween, hence the ghost shape, which were delicious. I think we’ll probably make cinnamon or ginger ones nearer to Christmas.

225g softened butter
110g caster sugar
275g plain flour
125g chocolate chip (or see other variations below)

Cream butter until soft
Add sugar and beat until light and fluffy
Sift in the flour
Bring the mixture together to form a dough
Roll the mixture out until 1cm thick and use cutters for desired shape
Bake the biscuits at 170°c for 15 minutes or until golden brown and slightly firm on top

Other variations:
Lemon/Orange – grate the zest of 1 orange or lemon and add with the flour
Chocolate – substitute 50g of cocoa for plain flour
Spices – add 1tsp of ground spice to the flour, why not try ginger, cinnamon or mixed spice (perfect at Christmas)
Fruit or nuts – add 125g of sultanas, raisins or chopped nuts to the mixture with the flour

We often make a few batches of these biscuits in one go, but we only bake one batch on that day. With the other batches we form a sausage shape and wrap it in cling film and place in the freezer. Then when we fancy a couple of biscuits you simply use a sharp knife, dipped into hot water, to cut slices 1cm thick. Then bake for 15 minutes as per usual. We often do the basic dough for this and then before the biscuits go in the oven we add mini smarties or chocolate chips to the top, as they cook they’ll melt into the dough. Easy peasy perfect biscuits!

– Lau


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