Quick and Easy Pastry Tart

This is another meal we tend to turn to when we want something quick with little effort but full deliciousness. As this is one of our quick meals we use ready made puff pastry, in my view when there’s cheap ready made options available it doesn’t make sense to spend time making it. Also if I’m honest I’d much rather spend longer baking a cake or trialling a new recipe than spending hours making my own pastry from scratch.

Roll out the pastry block on a floured board to roughly 1 cm thickness. Next cut the pastry into your individual tart shapes, you should be able to get four decent rectangle shapes out of one shop bought block. Score a border 1cm inside the edge of the pastry, this will be the edge of your tart.

Next get creative with your toppings and spread them inside your scored border. In the picture below we’ve added tuna, peppers and some grated cheese – for us the toppings are usually whatever is left over from that week. For other topping ideas, see below.

Bake the tart for between 20-30 mins at about 200 degrees C until the pastry is a golden brown colour. I like to add chilli sauce to my tart before eating.

Topping options:

– Pesto, mozarella and tomatoes

– spinach, chicken and mozzarella

– tomatoes, mushrooms and cheddar

basically any leftovers will work here so play around and find your favourite topping.



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