Special Boxing Day Sherry Log

Now I hate sherry, in fact I pretty much hate every type of alcohol in existence unless it’s masked by a gallon of orange juice or in an (orange juice based) cocktail! But this sherry log is one of my favourite puddings ever and it’s always my job to make this each year on Christmas Day for the big family gathering that takes place on Boxing Day.
There really is not an easier and more scrumptious pudding out there and I promise even if you hate sherry you’ll love this! Case in point this is the first pudding to be finished on Boxing Day beating even the Banoffie Pie!

Now it couldn’t be easier to make all you’ll need are the following four ingredients:
Sherry (I always use Bristol Cream)
Ginger Biscuits
Whipping Cream

Start by pouring the sherry into a cereal bowl (until about an inch deep).
Whip upthe cream until you have stiff peaks of cream.
Take each ginger biscuit and dip it in the sherry so both sides are moist.
Spread one side of the biscuit with the cream.
Sandwich the biscuits together on a plate to form a ‘log’ shape’.
Continue dipping, spreading and sandwiching the biscuits until you have the desired ‘log’ length.
Spread the remaining cream over the biscuits and down the side so it resembles a snow-covered log.
Sprinkle the top with chocolate shavings.
Place in fridge for a couple of hours to properly set.

– Fi


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