Aussie Inspiration

We’ve been fairly quiet over the last few weeks and that’s because we’ve been visiting family in Australia. Not only did we have a brilliant time seeing everyone but we also got a lot of new recipes ideas! The food over there was delicious but it did raise a few very important questions. Such as…

1) How come Tim Tams aren’t more prevalent over here? Seriously, there just the BEST things ever although I’m hard-pressed to choose my favourite out of all the yummy flavours. I think my current favourite is either Mint Dark Chocolate or possibly the Honeycomb ones.

2) Why do they have Musk Sticks rather than prawns? Musk Sticks are stick versions of the prawn penny sweets that you used to buy from the Pick ‘n’ Mix counter at Woolworths. So why if they have the sweets can’t they be in prawn shapes and what’s with the weird name?!?!?!

3) Why do Australians use the American names for vegetables? It’s not capsicum, eggplant or zucchini, it’s pepper, aubergine and courgette. Seriously I find that so annoying.

4) Why don’t more UK restaurants serve potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce? They taste a million times better than chips, plus anything with sweet chilli dipping sauce is always a no-brainer!

So not only did we have some yummy food whilst away we also found a lot of great new recipes including, scones that only need three ingredients (yes just three!), chicken and chickpea stew, marble cupcakes (see below) and some rather scrumptious looking pork hoisin pancakes! So watch this space for those recipes over the next few months, once we come to an agreement about which to do first obviously!

– Fi


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