Easy smoked salmon spaghetti

Here’s another quick and easy pasta recipe that I’m sure many people are going to love. It’s a relatively new recipe for us, but it’s fast becoming a firm favourite. Actually there’s a bit of a funny story as to how we discovered this dish; last week I found a ‘posh salmon spaghetti’ recipe in a magazine, though I’d like to give it a try so wrote the ingredients down. Only when it came to making the meal, I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere. I was certain it was from the June issue of Delicious. magazine, but after flicking through the magazine numerous times it had disappeared. Next I tried flicking through the Women’s Health magazine that I had been reading on the plane back from Australia, after that there was a crazed search through every magazine lying around our flat. But the recipe was absolutely nowhere to be seen. I felt like maybe it was a dream sequence where I’d made the recipe up in my jet-lagged mind! So in the end we had all the ingredients and no recipe. Fi saved the day with a recipe from SimplyRecipes – so not only did we get a recipe but we also discovered a great new online resource. As you can see we used this recipe as a guide only, changing around quantities and steps as we went along.

Let’s be honest we will never know how the ‘phantom disappearing recipe’ would have tasted, but this one was certainly delicious.

For two people:

150 grams spaghetti
70 grams of smoked salmon – we buy smoked salmon trimmings – These are the bits trimmed off the smoked salmon to create perfect slices which are cheaper than the pack of slices and actually perfect for throwing in pasta – no chopping required!
1/2 onion
Clove of garlic
Splash of white wine
2 tbsp single cream
Juice from 1 half of a lemon

Cook the spaghetti as per the packet instructions – normally about 10 mins, until you get an al dente bite to it.

Heat the oil, then cook the garlic and onions until they’re soft. Next add the wine and lemon juice. Increase the heat to let it boil down before adding the cream and letting it boil for another minute.

By now the pasta should be done, so drain and add to the sauce. Throw in the smoked salmon trimmings, tearing up further as you go.

Voila! Now sit back and enjoy a truly quick and yummy pasta dish.



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