The Diner

We recently discovered this excellent diner on Shaftesbury Avenue and after going there for the second time in ten days I decided I HAD to write about it! As everything about this place is fantastically good!! So first off The Diner is fairly small and quintessentially American with its red vinyl booths and funky music. Then once you look at the menu you’re presented with a smorgasbord of amazing stuff; they have everything from coke floats and pulled pork to chilli cheese fries and milkshakes. And they even do sweet potato fries, a personal favourite of mine, which frankly I think more places in the UK should serve!

So once you’ve got over the shock of the amazing menu you’re presented with the small matter of making a decision about what to have! So far I’ve tried: the mac ‘n’ cheese, the cheese burger with extra mushrooms, the fries, the sweet potato fries, the barbecue chicken burger, the chocolate brownie, the vanilla milkshake, the pulled pork, the ribs, the cheesecake, the mojitos and the chilli cheese fries and I was blown away by every single mouthful.


So I really couldn’t recommend this place highly enough, and with their special 4th July menu which includes a dazzling array of yummyness, I’m already planning my next trip there. And the best thing is there’s a chain of restaurants, so that’s the perfect excuse to visit more often. I need to try them all out after all!!!



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