Chocolate Orange Zebra Cake

This cake is simply amazing! It’s so good in fact that after I saw the recipe on Lorraine Pascal’s latest show I bought the recipe book and have since made it three times in three weeks!!! So it comes highly recommended. The cake is a mix of vanilla and chocolate orange and the way that you fill the tin results in a stripy effect, hence the name. It’s also quite easy to make although filling the tin does take a little time!
Chocolate Orange Zebra Cake

So here’s what you’ll need to make this scrumdidiliumptious cake!
250ml sunflower oil
250g caster sugar
100ml semi-skimmed milk
4 medium eggs
3 drops of vanilla extract
300g self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder
25g cocoa powder
1 orange


Grease and line a 23cm round tin.
Beat the oil, sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla extract together by hand.
Pour 400ml of the mixture into a new bowl.
Add 175g of the flour and 1/2 tsp of baking powder to one bowl of the oil mixture. Mix to create the vanilla mixture.
Add the remaining flour (125g), baking powder, cocoa and the orange zest to the other half of the oil mixture. Mix together to create your chocolate orange mixture.
Drop a tablespoon of the vanilla mixture in the centre of the tin. Then place a blob of the chocolate orange mixture in the centre of the vanilla blob. Continue to fill the tin by alternating blobs of the two mixtures.
For some strange reason we always end up with leftover chocolate mixture, so don’t worry if the same thing happens!
Bake in the oven at 180°c for 35 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.
Allow the cake to cool and then remove from the tin and serve.

I can guarantee everyone will be suitably impressed by the beautiful stripes inside your cake so enjoy their looks of surprise. And of course the delicious cake!

– Fi


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange Zebra Cake

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  2. I made this cake recently and found it a bit dry. So I made a syrup using 75 g of icing sugar and the juice of one orange. Heat the orange juice gently until the sugar dissolves. When the cake is baked, pour the syrup over it and make sure that it is absorbed in the middle of the cake. Then leave to cool. This gives it that bit of zing!

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