National Baking Week and Great British Bake Off fun

This week is National Baking Week, how exciting – as if we needed anymore excuses to get our aprons on!

3 weeks ago and without knowing that it was in fact National Baking Week, Fi and I planned a spectacular baking event to commemorate the end of the brilliant BBC2 show, The Great British Bake Off (GBBO). We’re calling it the Great British Bake Off Send Off (GBBOSO for short) and it consists of getting together with some friends to watch the final episode of the series whilst sampling our own baked goods. The rules are simple we each must bring one sweet delight and one savoury wonder that has been made this series.

Now you may think that choosing what to make would be easy – after all so much has been baked this series – 3 bakes in each of the 9 episodes, that’s 27 tasty treats in total! But alas, it wasn’t that simple (at least for me) you see there’s just too much choice. After scouring through numerous recipe books, both physical and online, and changing my mind at least 5 times, I finally decided on my two bakes. I’ve gone with Paul Hollywood’s Eight Strand Plaited Loaf, as seen in Episode 2 of GBBO and Doughnut muffins, with nutella hidden inside. Now, before you say it I know that technically the bakers on the show made actual doughnuts, but as I don’t trust myself with hot oil I definitely wasn’t going there! So there we have it my two bakes for tonights Great British Bake Off Send off don’t they sound great, both are new bakes for me, but i’m hoping I can pull them off, or at least end up with something edible!

But wait, what’s Fi baking I hear you ask? Okay (you twisted my arm) I’ll tell you, she’s chosen to try out crackers and a show stopper cake, with a surprise hiding inside. I won’t spoil the surprise by saying anymore, but I did see her decorate it last night and I can promise that it looks amazing. Also knowing how great her cakes normally taste, I’m sure this one won’t disappoint in that department either.

Recipes (and pictures) of all four bakes will be up soon, and we’ll be telling you exactly how everything else went. With people making such tasty treats of Pork Pies and Chocolate tarts I’m sure it will be a baker’s heaven inside our little flat in London town.

Enjoy National Baking Week, hope everyone’s got some delicious things planned. If you feel like sharing anything please do. We’re always up for hearing new recipes and ideas.



7 thoughts on “National Baking Week and Great British Bake Off fun

    • Thanks, glad you liked the idea! We think it was a big success, even if it we did have to much food to eat on the night! As for the GBBO, it’s so sad it’s all over, although at least there’s a round-up episode on this week, so we don’t have to say goodbye to it for a little bit longer!

  1. Hi Laura and Fiona – what a lovely idea! Please put me down for a copy of the recipe book when you produce it! You obviously take after your Mum and her Mum! Love Linda

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