Halloween Food

I love a holiday as it’s always the perfect excuse to cook scrummy dishes and eat lots and lots. There’s nothing better than the excuse of baking something special, be it an Easter hot cross bun and butter pudding or a Sherry Log at Christmas, but strangely enough Halloween isn’t one of the holidays that I really get. Maybe that’s because it’s so new over in the UK, so I’ve not grown up experiencing it, but it really does seem to pass me by. Don’t get me wrong I do buy chocolates for passing trick or treaters and I get waylaid by the promotional items in Sainsbury’s – these Frankenstein Fancies are a case in point – but I don’t really ever celebrate by baking or cooking other Halloween treats, although last year we did make chocolate chip biscuits shaped like ghosts!

Anyway this year we decided to make a mound of gingerbread biscuits, not for the trick or treaters but just for us and friends. We even got out the Halloween biscuit cutters that we picked up last year from ASDA so that we could make biscuits shaped like bats, tombstones, pumpkins, cats, bats and even a haunted house! It was lots of fun and the biscuits were tasty, but I’m not sure I’m sold completely on the Halloween baking. But perhaps that’s because gingerbread is more a Christmas recipe that Halloween, maybe if we’d made some toffee apples, spooky cupcakes or a graveyard cake I’d be feeling quite different. Hhm maybe that’s worth investigating for next year. If you have any suggestions on what we could make for next Halloween let me know in the comments below and who knows next year I might include the recipe on the blog!

Happy baking. – Fi x


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