Christmas Eats

Now that Halloween is over and Bonfire Night had been and gone it’s time to concentrate on Christmas baking. Yes, you heard me, Christmas baking. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am completely obsessed with Christmas. I mean it, I’m completely. obsessed. Case in point I’ve been counting the days since October. (It’s 49 sleeps to go by the way.)

I’m sure you’ll all remember the Gingerbread biscuits that we made last year, if not take a look here. I’ve been making these for my work colleagues every Christmas for the last 5 years and I’m already being asked about when they’ll be making an appearance this year – no pressure then. Now all this talk about Christmas baking got me thinking about what else I should make that is Christmas themed. I’m a Pinterest fan and my biggest board by far is my ‘edible bits’ board, although the Christmas one is up near the top too. So my plan this year is to make as many of these Christmas recipes as possible. So I thought what better way to start, than to share my favourites on here. So here we go, here are (some) of the Christmas themed bakes that I’m planning in the next couple of months.

Do you remember last Christmas when I made whoopie pies (take a look here)? I loved them, in fact everyone loved them – family friends and work people. So this year I’m all set to make them again, but with a twist. I’m going to sprinkle some Christmas magic over them with the decorating, you see I plan to make Christmas Pudding Whoopie Pies. With a chocolate filling to sandwich the cakes then topped with a white icing and miniature holly leaves cut from fondant icing, the perfect little miniature Christmas Puddings.

Take a look at these lovely cookies, Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies, to be exact from Bakergirl at Don’t they look amazing?

The fact that they’re decorated using mini pretzels and M&M’s just makes them all the more perfect for me. I think I might have to make these for the last week of work, to go with the Christmas Gingerbread biscuits perhaps?

Next there’s this Chocolate Gingerbread Toffee cake. Isn’t it completely spectacular? It’s got chocolate, gingerbread and toffee – what more could you want in a cake? A bit too much for a small family Christmas with just five people, but maybe something to make for the Evans family boxing day gathering. With 13+ people I’m sure we can make a good dent in it!

Don’t worry I’ll make sure I keep you updated on how they all turn out….


p.s. I’ve just realised that these are all cakes and biscuits! Clearly my sweet tooth is shining through. I’ll have to keep my eye out for savoury things too, but let’s be honest the only savoury thing anyone wants to eat at Christmas is turkey with all the trimmings, and there’s no way I can improve on the Evans turkey lunch.


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