Favourite Foods…

We’ve been having a bit of a discussion – and by discussion I mean argument! – recently about our favourite foods. You see we may be twins but when it comes to the important things (like food) we just can’t seem to agree. I love apple pie, Fi likes apple crumble, she prefers mashed potato and I like baked. She loves peanut M&M’s, I love plain. She loves bananas and they make me feel ill – yuck! It goes on and on like this and I find it odd. How does this happen, how do children (yes, we’ve been like this for years) who grew up on the same foods have such different taste buds?

Honestly I’m sure there’s a list of studies as long as my arm that could explain it to me. But we eventually decided that we shouldn’t be focusing on the things we disagree on, because let’s be honest I know that Fi will never be able to convince me that Steak and Kidney pudding tastes good, just like she’ll never believe me when I say that strawberries and cream is hands down the best summer pudding ever (it is by the way – it should be a law or something). It’s just not going to happen, so maybe we should stick to the foods that we can agree on, because when we actually started talking about it, it turns out that there are a lot more dishes that we both love. Surprisingly enough they are all home cooked meals, don’t get me wrong we’ve both had some delicious restaurant fare, but it seems that, at least for us, homecooked is best. The list goes a little something like this:

Mum’s Lasagne
Dad’s Roast Dinner
Fi’s Brie, Ham and Mango Chutney paninis
Mum’s Profiteroles
Nanna’s Sausage Rolls
Lau’s Gingerbread
Dad’s Chicken and Ham Pie
Mum’s Chocolate Cake
Dad’s Coronation Chicken
Lau’s Risotto
Fi’s Sponge Cake (from the celebration cake)

Yes, you’ve spotted it, most seem to be made by one of our parents – I think it’s clear to see where our food obsession comes from! In fact one motto in our family is ‘live to eat, not eat to live’ and in this case ‘bake’ and ‘cook’ could easily be switched in!

I’m also pleased to announce that while we were at home this weekend for birthday celebrations, we managed to squeeze in 3 items from the list above; Roast Dinner, Sausage Rolls (made by Dad, but using Nanna’s recipe – in fact apparently Nanna observed the baking over Skype!) and finally Fi’s Sponge Cake was used as the basis of THE BIRTHDAY CAKE – yes capital’s are needed as it was a pretty special birthday cake that the three Evans sisters made for our Mum. We’ll post about this soon….



One thought on “Favourite Foods…

  1. Love this blog. I can vouch for the difference in food tastes and am still wondering how it happened. 2more complete opposites: Lau liked strawberries and Fi raspberries, Fi can’t get enough mushrooms in any shape of form but Lau is a tomato fanatic. To think that at one time neither would look at a lettuce leaf is amazing as they now love salads. Good job we are all so individual.

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