Giraffe Cupcakes

Birthdays, who doesn’t love them? I love everything about them, from the build up and expectation to the actual day itself with the lovely presents and the friendly people. But perhaps the thing I look forward to the most about the day is the cake – no surprise there, hey? In our family you always get a home made birthday cake and when I was growing up I was always excited to find out what that years cake was going to be! Over the years I’ve had a pink My Little Pony castle cake (constructed with four swiss rolls), a teddy bears picnic cake and my all time favourite one a humpty dumpty cake which included an easter egg Humpty Dumpty on a ‘brick’ wall made of different coloured cake! What can I say? My Mum is a genius when it comes to cake construction! Although there was this one year, which I prefer not to remember as it was so painful, that not only did Lau and I not have our own cake, but it was also a shop bought one!!! You should have heard the guilt trip that Lau and I gave Mum that year, I do feel a little bit bad about it now, but hey it worked and the next year we each got our very own home made cake!

Anyway back to the point of this post, and that’s the birthday cake that we made Mum over the weekend. Unfortunately we couldn’t be there for the actually day itself, but we made the weekend extra special by all getting together to celebrate and of course cake was apart of it! We got the idea of the Giraffe Cupcakes from a post Lau saw online (which annoyingly I can’t find) and thought this would be perfect as Mum absolutely loves Giraffes, they are her all time favourite animals. Also a cake made out of cupcakes meant we could divide it up easily when we all left for the weekend – although we made sure to give Mum the majority of them, it was only fair as it was her birthday after all!

Anyway, back to the cake itself. We used the recipe from my Great British Bake Off Pink Show Stopper Cake, as it’s so delicious and super moist and scrumptious. But rather than colouring the sponge pink, we went for good old plain sponge. We cooked the cakes for about 15 minutes rather than the usual 25 until they were perfectly cooked and then slathered them in Betty Crocker’s vanilla buttercream icing (which when you can’t face making it from scratch is the best shop bought icing ever)! And then all that was left was to decorate with buttons and black icing and lay them out to form a giraffe, and doesn’t it look fantastic? Mum was certainly pleased about the cake, she was certainly grinning from ear to ear when we gave it to her!!  So there you have it, how to make a giraffe shaped cake for the Mum that loves giraffes like I love cake! I only wonder what other shapes you could make out of cupcakes…..

-Fi xx


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