Holiday food

Lau and I have just returned from Portugal where we spent a very relaxing few days with friends! Whilst there we had a fantastic time, despite torrential rain, and ate lots of scrumptious food. One of the great things about going to Portugal fairly often – twice this year – is that we get to revisit favourite restaurants and enjoy some delicious Portuguese delicacies, so I thought I’d share some of our favourites with you all. The good thing is that a lot of our favourite Portuguese food we can have over here as there’s a great portuguese deli five minutes from our house, but somehow it’s not quite the same and tastes miles better when you’re basking in the portugese sunshine.

Sumol – sadly this is a drink that’s not really made its mark anywhere but Portugal. It’s a fizzy orange, that’s not acidic or too fizzy and it has a brilliant texture as it has pulp in. So way nicer than Tango or Orangina.

Sandbanks – this restaurant overlooks the beach in Vale do Lobo and does delicious food. Everything from fresh fish and ciabatta to huge salads, hot wraps and potato wedges, all of which are scrumptious – I defy anyone to find a better tasting club sandwich! This year it was out first port of call on Thursday lunchtime where Lau and I enjoyed a tomato and mozzarella ciabatta and a chicken, bacon and avocado wrap with potato wedges respectively.

Chocolate sandwich biscuits – I’m sure that’s not the correct name for these scrumptious biscuits, but that’s the one I’m using. With their creamy chocolate crème sandwiched between two crunchy biscuits I find it impossible to say no to these biscuits, and have been known to eat five in one sitting, oops!!

Maria’s – another restaurant overlooking the beach, but this one is more of a beach bar and a much more recent discovery as it’s recently changed hands. I’m a big fan of the salads at Maria’s although the tempura prawns and prawn curry are also legendary, well at least in our family!

Tuna pâté – Also known as heaven (at least in my eyes). This and ciabatta bread makes up the normal cover in most Portuguese restaurants and I love it so much. I can literally eat a whole pot of it, sadly I’ve never found anything quite like it in the UK, but maybe one day…

So there we are, some of my favourite Portuguese restaurants and foods. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of stuff while away, what a failure! So you’ll just have to imagine how nice everything looks. strangely enough writing this has given me a craving for all of the above, maybe I should book my next trip…

– Fi x


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