Festive Food

I don’t know about you and your family but when it comes to Christmas in the Evans house it’s all about family time, as we spend the whole time playing games, watching Christmas TV, going on walks and of course making and consuming delicious food together! As this is a food blog we thought we’d share some of the yummy stuff we eat over the Christmas period. Sadly we won’t have the recipes for everything we mention, as they aren’t our creations, but we promise to one day rectify that with some guest bloggers – I’m looking at you Mum and Dad!

20121231-203805.jpgChristmas Cake – Every year we have a Christmas cake, well I say we but I really mean me and occasionally Dad as we’re the only ones who like it. Lucky me! Also I say Christmas cake but we should really use that term lightly. As while it does contain fruit and it does get spiked with alcohol it’s not a traditional recipe as I don’t like normal Christmas cake. So Mum makes her special version of Christmas cake.

Mum’s Mince Pies
– These are a classic at Christmas time and are simply delicious. I think what makes them so lovely is that they don’t have pastry over the entire top so some of the mincemeat goes all gooey and caramelised, yum! I’m salivating just writing about them!

                20121231-203833.jpg    sausage roll

Dad’s Sausage Rolls – Again another Christmas classic for our family. You know as soon as Dad has made the sausage rolls that Christmas is on the way! These are from my Nanna’s recipe which Dad has mastered absolutely perfectly with the crunchy pastry, sweet red onion and soft sausage meat.


Christmas Dinner – This is my all time favourite meal of the entire year. The Evans family Christmas dinner consists of a super huge turkey, stuffing (inside and out of the turkey), roast potatoes, home grown roasted parsnips, roasted sweet potatoes, leeks in white sauce, carrots, bread sauce, sausages, bacon, gravy, cranberry sauce and of course the obligatory brussel sprouts! It’s tradition that you don’t get Christmas dinner in our house until you’ve been for a walk and then you can’t have any presents until you’ve had at least one brussel sprout. This tradition stems from childhood when my sisters and I HATED them (and pretty much all vegetables) and tradition has stuck , even after all these years!

Potato Salad – Again another tradition in the Evans family, we’ve had this for as long as I can remember on Christmas night with our cold meat. We don’t just have the leftover turkey but we also have a boiled ham and a roast beef joint. Oh it’s all so scrumptious!

Shortbread Biscuits – Lau makes these each year for us to share at Christmas, it’s usually what she eats instead of the Christmas cake as she’s not a fan of it – weird I know! Anyway this year we made star shaped ones, although they look a little burnt in this picture – more like gingerbread I think, but they honestly tasted delicious!

20121231-203818.jpg    20121231-203734.jpg

Sherry Log – I make this each year for the big family get together that usually happens on Boxing Day and its definitely a firm favourite with all of the family. We’ve shared the recipe before so head to the Special Boxing Day Sherry Log recipe, we promise its easy and you won’t be disappointed!

So there you have it, this is the festive food that we make and share over Christmas, the most magical time of the year. So what about all of you, what festive food do you share over the Christmas period or what are the food traditions in your family at this time of the year? We’d love to know.

Happy New Year, Fi x


One thought on “Festive Food

  1. So pleased our family recipes are being passed on from both sides of the family. Although all the recipes are fab I think the best 2 are grandmas potato salad and Namnas sausage rolls. Here’s to next Christmas.

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