Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, Hyde Park

A couple of weeks ago Fi and I (plus the parentals and the mini sister) had tickets to see Kooza at the Royal Albert Hall. It’s the latest show from Cirque de Soleil and it involves all kinds of acrobatics and circus acts. As it was an afternoon performance we all decided to meet up earlier and have lunch beforehand. We wanted somewhere quick and easy, but new. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, which (surprisingly) is in Hyde Park next to the Serpentine. It’s a place I’d heard of before and had been dying to try out, so I floated the idea and luckily after seeing the menu the rest of the Evans family agreed.

And it was simply perfect, exactly what we needed. We only had a small window of time to get there and eat, which was made shorter by certain roads in the park being closed, so we couldn’t park as close as we wanted to. So after a fast paced walk around the Serpentine we were seated in this little food haven, right next to the back entrance of Winter Wonderland – if i’d have known it was so close I’d have certainly made the most of it on my last trip there! Obviously it’s a great location, right on the water’s edge with glass walls so you can see out to the park and watch the geese and swans playing up to the crowd for bread while the flocks of pigeons swirl around their heads. It’s the sort of place where you could mull over a coffee for hours or, like us quickly wolf down lunch before heading out for a show.


Lunchtime view – miserable day i’m afraid.

So back to the food, what did we have?

Well between us we ordered 2 club sandwiches, 1 mushroom risotto, 1 beef bourguignon and 1 fish finger sandwich (see the pics below). I had the club sandwich and it was scrummy. The ciabatta bread was a completely inspired idea. It came with chips and aioli which I love! But I think the meal of the trip has to be the beef, I had a cheeky taste and now know exactly what I’ll be ordering on my next visit.

Don’t you just love the plates. I was seriously contemplating taking one of these away with me! Also check out the handy condiment holders – an ingenious idea if you ask me.

Condiments in a cake tin

Condiments in a cake tin

We were tempted by the Benugo cake selection, but we had homemade cupcakes for snacking during the interval of the show (skinny blueberry lemon cupcakes, totally delicious and they went down well with the whole family!) so instead i’m definitely going to stop there next time i’m in the park for a coffee and cake to take away. I’d highly recommend you do the same!

Lau xx


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