Homemade Granola

Both Fi and I are a little bit obsessed with granola. We love the crunchiness, the fruit and the idea that it’s slightly healthy (unless you have a humongous bowl of course)! Fi’s favourite way to eat it is with cold milk and slices of banana while I enjoy it with Greek yoghurt – it takes away some of the crunch you see. Either way it’s pretty much a staple in out flat. Personally I get bored of having the same things too much, so when it comes to granola I have to constantly change what we purchase so that I don’t get bored. We flit between supermarket own brands, Jordan’s and Dorset Cereals as seriously I have no idea what I’d eat each morning if this crunchy goodness suddenly became too boring. In the past we would start talking about making our own granola every now and again but we really got anywhere with it, as it was always easier to just buy one of our usual bags. Until that was we stumbled across a post by Miss Thrifty about making granola, well we thought, clearly now is the time to try this out. So we did, and promptly lamented over the fact that we hadn’t got around to making it earlier. You see it was soooo good, really easy and we’ve not bought the shop bought kind since. This recipe is based mainly on the one that Miss Thrifty suggested (see it here), with only a few changes.

250g Rolled Oats
5 tbsp Golden Syrup
75g Chopped Hazelnuts
75g – half dried cranberries and half raisins
4tbsp Vegetable Oil
2 tbsp Warm Water
5 tbsp Sugar

For the fruit and nuts just use whatever is in your cupboards, the first time we made it this is what we had – leftovers from some biscuits we had just made of course!
Preheat the oven to 120°C
Mix everything together in a bowl
Tip the mixture into a baking or roasting tray and spread out into an even layer
Bake for 1 hour, making sure you take out and mix every 15 mins – this is to ensure you don’t get flapjack. You want it to be a golden brown colour – basically it needs to look baked like granola!
If you do try this out then let us know what flavour combinations you go for as we’re always up for trying something new

Lau xxx


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