Kitchen wish list!

Here at Cook, Bake and Eat Towers we’re being thrifty, which means buying things that aren’t essential is a no-go. And apparently cookie cutters, ceramic jars and other pretty, and not to mention practical things, are off-limits for the time being. Very sad times indeed! As is often the case as soon as I’m not allowed to do something I have a huge desire to do it. One that just won’t be ignored. So rather than allowing myself to go crazy with my credit card – as that would be against our January and February thriftiness – I’ve decided to pull together a bit of a kitchen wish list. Below are all the things I want to buy right now but won’t, but when it’s non-thrifty March who knows…..

– Fi x

Eiffel Tower Tea Towel – Wildlife Storage Tins (cute or what?!) – Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters – Sundae Glass (I think I’d like at least 4) – Owl Cookie Jar – Biscuit Pocket Mug – Retro Print Tea Towel – Ceramic Jar with blackboard paint labels (AMAZING) – Crimped Rectangle Dishes (such cute colours!)- Bourbon Cream Silicone Cake Mould – Bamboo Chopping Board – Cake Dome


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