Disney treats

Do you remember the Great British Bake Off send off back in October? Well we actually did a similar sort of think last week, but Disney themed. Yes Disney, that film and movie institution! It all came about after a long argument discussion with friends about the best Disney films, it was revealed that certain members of the group had not watched Mulan, I know right – travesty or what! To combat this epic error we decided to have our very own Disney Marathon with, you guessed it, Disney themed food. There were treats galore including Princess cupcakes, Ratatouille quiche and Popeye pastries (yes someone actually thought Popeye was Disney)! But what did we make, well Fi created some Ursala Mac n Cheese’s and Princess popcorn – yes you’re right we basically made whatever we wanted and added the word ‘princess’ to the dish name! Fi will of course be talking about these at a later date, but in the meantime you get to hear about my Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

Yes Minnie Mouse, she is the best Disney character after all. I’ve actually owned both a Minnie Mouse inspired dress and Minnie Mouse ears over the years, and yes I may also have Minnie Mouse shoes still. So to say I’m a bit obsessed is an understatement, so of course I was going to be making cakes around this mousy lady.

To be honest these cakes are super easy – not least because I used a box of Betty Crocker’s Red Velvet Cake mix to make the actual cake part – what can I say, I was being lazy. But these cake mixes are perfect as you honestly can’t go wrong with them. Literally empty the mix into a bowl and add 3 eggs, water and oil, mix together and bake.

Now comes the fun part – decorating! We set up a sort of decorating station at our coffee table so we had a bit of a production line and then got decorating. I’d ordered red and white spotted bows and cupcake cases via amazon so it was a case of spreading each cake with vanilla icing (via Betty Crocker again) and then adding one big oreo flat onto the cake (for the face) and two mini oreos standing up for the ears. Top with a tiny bow and voila Minnie Mouse is in the house!

What do you think?

Lau xxx


3 thoughts on “Disney treats

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