Disney Treats. The Sequel.

I realised recently that I’ve been lax and not shared my yummy recipes from our Disney evening with you – outrageous I know! I’m not sure what happened there, it’s like I forgot that you’d be waiting with baited breath for these recipes since Lau teased you with her first mentione of these lovely creations a few weeks back here. Sorry about that! But I’m rectifying that now with the following recipes for these scrumptious, super-easy pasta parcels and amazing, brilliant, delicious popcorn (to many superlatives? I think not!).

20130226-133838.jpgDollops of mac ‘n’ cheese – These are so easy to make that I won’t share the actual recipe with you I’ll just give you a couple of tips to remember next time you make mac and cheese*.

  • Firstly add spinach to the mixture when you mix the cheese sauce and pasta
  • Use Gruyère and cheddar cheese – an absolutely delicious combination
  • This is the big one, this is the revelation that you’ll kick yourself for not doing sooner: Don’t put the mix in a normal big casserole dish, dollop the mixture into 12 cupcake cases – yes really! LIFE CHANGING or what?!

But in all seriousness it’s that simple, just cook your mac ‘n’ cheese in a different container to normal and you’ll have the perfect mac ‘n’ cheese dollops that will be perfect for any meal – cold in lunch boxes, easy fingerfood (well plate and fork food) when you’re having friends round or even serve a couple with salad for dinner. Easy peasy and delicious. What more could you need?

*We used about 500g of pasta and made 13 mac ‘n’ cheeses, which we baked for about 20 minutes.

20130226-133827.jpgDisney Princess Popcorn – to be honest this wasn’t really a Disney themed food, I just put the word princess in front of it as I wanted the excuse of making popcorn, which I’m sure you’ll agree is essential for any movie night. Another super-easy recipe here (I seem to be on a roll with the easy recipes today, don’t I?), simple pop your popcorn kernels in the pan as instructed and then mix it in a big bowl with agave syrup, m&m’s, mini marshmallows and peanuts. Then as if by magic you’ll have super sticky, super scrumptious popcorn for all to share – pair with Disney films, good friends and Lau’s Minnie Mouse cupcakes and you’ve got the perfect night ready quicker than you can say bippity-boppity-boo!

– Fi x


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