Our very first Sunday Roast

One of my all time favourite meals is a roast chicken with all the trimmings, but for someone who writes a food blog, it’s a little bit embarrassing to admit that I’ve never made a roast dinner in my life!! This is particularly bad when I then go on to admit that growing up I ate a roast dinner every single week, yeah like I said it’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve never cooked one. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there when someone else has cooked it – I’m not that rude! – in fact I’m usually the chief potato and parsnip twirler and bread sauce maker. But I’ve never even attempted to make one myself until a couple of weeks ago that is. My friend was coming round for lunch and having stupidly told her I’d never made one in my life, she made me promise to  make one for her – eek!! So with that deal made I enlisted Lau’s help and we started researching recipes and trying to work out what to make. After a lot of discussion we ended up going for a ‘simple’ chicken, although I wasn’t sure how simple it would end up being on the day! With our chicken we also made roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, leeks in white sauce, stuffing, roasted sweet potato, gravy and of course bread sauce (my all time fave accompaniment). Everything ended up being super scrumptious and miraculously it was all edible (well apart from the brocolli as it was a bit hard) AND most importantly everything was ready on time – hooray! I won’t bore you with the recipe for each and every item but I will explain how we made the potatoes super fluffy and crunchy, the chicken super moist and delicious and also how we made the nicest ever carrots and sweet potatoes!

The Chicken – We used this wonderfully easy recipe from the BBC Good Food website for our roast chicken. It was really easy to make the chicken delicious and perfectly moist, we simply stuffed the chicken cavity with bay leaves, lemon halves and garlic and then rubbed the top of the chicken with butter and lemon. Easy peasy, well apart from stuffing my hand in a chicken – not my favourite job!!

Super Fluffy Potatoes – Yet again we headed to the BBC Good Food site for help with our roast potatoes, see here. By adding the flour after the potatoes had been part boiled it made the potatoes nice and fluffy, so that some bits were extra crunchy and other bits were soft – perfect!

Perfect Carrots and Sweet Potatoes – We part boiled both the carrots and sweet potatoes and then cooked them with the potatoes. This made them lovely and sweet and very soft. Plus because the carrots were so small each morsel ended up being really crunchy.

All in all our first roast dinner went well – it was all delicious and not quite as hard or as complicated as I had imagined. So I think I’ll definitely be making one again, perhaps a roast beef with lovely crunchy yorkshire puddings next time.

– Fi xx




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