Homemade Lunches

Lately Lau and I have been trying to be sensible with money as our personal and joint credit card bills have been extortionate recently – not helped by the urgent plumber call out on December 28th or the boiler needing a service on December 15th! So anyway after multiple crazy expenses and a penchant for yummy food and frequent lazy takeaways we decided we need to sort ourselves out and curb our crazy food spending! A key part of this has been taking lunch to work with us – I know it sounds obvious. clearly that will help as you’ll save money and also eat better (always a bonus). But really when you work in central London and there is an Eat, three Pret’s, two Starbucks’, an Itsu, a Paul’s, and a Leon within 100m of your office, not to mention the brilliant, fairly cheap restaurant in the building, it’s very easy to be lazy and pick something up each lunchtime once you know what you fancy! So we’ve been being good and taking lunches every day for the last month  and so we thought it was high time we shared our yummy lunch ideas with you. As I think we can all agree it’s often hard to come up with interesting lunch ideas and as soon as you slip back into the cheese and ham sandwich rut you know you’re in trouble and that the Pret train will soon be boarded again!

Wraps – these are a revolution for lunches! Not only are they super easy and delicious they are really easy to transport in your bag to work – no heavy and cumbersome tupperware is needed which is always a bonus! We’ve taken to filling our wraps with a ton of salad and either half a tin of tuna, ham and cheese, prawns or cooked chicken. Really the world’s your oyster when it comes to wrap filling – anything goes. Strangely even peanut butter works, who’d have thought it!

Couscous – When you need a bit of substance in your lunch and you’ve run out of bread or wraps it’s all about reaching for the couscous. We always have couscous at home and it takes all of 10 minutes to make. Then we add salad, chicken, spinach, mushrooms, pepper, avocado, etc and you have a scrumptious lunch!


Leftover pasta – One of my all time favourites as strangely I often seem to prefer cold day old pasta over freshly cooked stuff. I know I’m oddness personified! But in all seriousness when you’re making pasta for dinner just do extra and have it cold the next day, easy peasy!

-Fi x


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