Birthday brunch plans

Exciting things are to come later this week. You see Friday will be our birthday – yippee! Yes Fi and I are (almost) another year older and wiser. One thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE my birthday, so much so in fact that I still count down the number of sleeps when it gets to within a month. Yes, I’m that cool!

Anyway this Friday we have both decided to take the day off and mooch around London. The plan is a lie in, followed by presents, then brunch, then a few hours wandering around museums – The Natural History Museum and The V & A (my personal favourite) before dinner, cocktails and hopefully a trip to the theatre – we’re going to do the whole tickets on the day thing so hopefully we’ll pick up a good show at bargainaous prices!

So my main priority right now is to decide on somewhere for brunch, somewhere either central (to get the theatre tickets) or close to the museums (South Kensington). Here are my options so far.

Le Pain Quotidian – This chain of Belgian cafes is one of Fi’s favourite places to go. We had a Mother’s Day brunch at the Covent Garden branch and I can attest to just how good the Eggs Benedict is. There’s also a branch in South Ken, so we could go to either.

V&A cafe – Apparently the first cafe inside a museum. This cafe is gorgeous – all glass chandeliers and delicious food, but it’s always busy and you can’t book. Maybe a place to stop off for tea and cake mid-afternoon instead.

The Riding House Cafe – A tip from a friend, the menu here looks amazing. They have everything; museli, pancakes, eggs. Possibly too much choice?

The Diner – Definitely a favourite for evenings, i’d love to go here for breakfast. Not only do they have all the usual American breakfast foods – pancakes and maple syrup with bacon, breakfast burrito and french toast, but there’s also the matter of the vanilla milkshakes with a shot of peanut butter – a perfect start for a birthday surely?!

The Breakfast Club – Yet another recommendation, there are a few of these throughout the city and all reviews are good. It’s certainly tempting. Although there’s no online menu which is a tad annoying.

Now to make a decision, wish me luck with that! Something tells me it’s not going to be that easy. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We will make sure we let you know what we decide.

Lau xxx


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