Deli excitement

It’s all very exciting for us right now, not only is the sun shining but we also finally visited the Portuguese deli near our flat. Now this deli isn’t new but we’ve both been trying to avoid it as we just know that it is going to be full of wonderful edible delights. Anyway, we were on our way back from buying some bits for lunch when we decided to pop in and explore.

Well, it was amazing, exactly what I was expecting and more. We didn’t buy much instead we settled for a general browse, as just as we’d imagined, it was full to the brim of all our foody favourites from holidays in Portugal.

So what did we buy? Well we clearly couldn’t resist purchasing some Sumol as we both love the orange version of this fizzy drink. Also in our basket was pâté. Yes, the delicious sardine pate that we literally cannot get enough of when we are away. This pâté is served with bread in restaurants as the table cover and our family will devour the stuff in a matter of minutes!

You could say that it was a very successful trip and suffice to say that trips to this deli are most likely to become a regular occurrence!

Lau xx


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