The Riding House Cafe

After last’s week’s post about the numerous brunch venues in contention to help us kick off our day of birthday fun it might surprise you that we did actually make a decision in the end. We even managed to get organised a few days before and actually book somewhere, this is a big change from the usual last minute scramble to find a table at any restaurant without a long queue!

We ended up deciding on The Riding House Cafe on Great Titchfield Street. Why did we decide on this one? Well firstly we thought we’d try something new, secondly this place had been recommended by a few people who work nearby and finally because I read a review about the decor and I was intrigued.

Well this restaurant did not disappoint in any respect. The menu was delicious, the decor fun and quirky and the service extremely efficient. Plus the toilets were great too. Yes I do judge a restaurant on it’s toilets and these matched the rest of the decor, in fact they’d even put a brass box around the hand dryer. Also there was the most delicious smelling hand soap and hand cream. Yes I might have spent a long time afterwards sniffing my hand just to get a whiff of the lavender goodness!

So to the most important question, what did we eat? Well you can check out the menu here. I chose the Rickshaw juice and the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Fi opted for the Eggs Benedict and a stabiliser juice. We also had coffee and tea too. Plus the wait staff were continually popping over to top up our glasses with ice cold tap water – I love that, it’s a small thing but it’s nice not having to ask for water every five minutes!

As for the decor there was lots of different seating options, round booths, fun bar stools, comfy velvet chairs and one really long table with a bank of old wooden football seats on either side – genius. Plus there were tap light fixtures for the kitsch lampshades and stuffed squirrels climbing the wood panelling on the walls.

We even managed to take a few pics of the food and things so feast your eyes on our trip to The Riding House Cafe below.

– Lau xxx

p.s. I am definitely going to be scheduling a visit again soon if anyone fancies it.



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