Fi’s Favourites – eating out

So Lau and I thought it might be a good idea to start a ‘Favourites’ section on the blog, where we can share some of our favourite restaurants, foods and treats with you all. We thought it’d be interesting to note them all down and see how similar or different these favourites are, and also how much they change over time. So first up we’ll each look at our favourite eating out spots. So mine are:

  • Bill’s – I’m sure I must have mentioned my obsession with this restaurant before, after all it’s a go-to restaurant for work lunches or meetings. With scrumptious food like haloumi and hummus burgers, classic doorstop fish finger sandwiches and warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream it’s certainly a must visit when you’re nearby. They also sell lots of gorgeous food like chutney, pasta and sauces, so you can try some delicious cooking at home – win win! Plus the decor and feel of the restaurant is so chilled out and relaxed, so you can sit over a drink or pudding for an age without feeling rushed. 
  • The Diner – My obsession with this restaurant is certainly no secret – I think I’ve been about five times this year alone. Sometimes you just need a cheeseburger, fries and vanilla milkshake (with added peanut butter of course) and there really is nowhere better than The Diner on Shaftesbury Avenue for that American experience!
  • Leon – I’m a sucker for their Sweet Potato Falafel, aioli chicken, haloumi and brown rice what can I say. Also because all the food is without additives and other bad stuff I feel like I’m making a good choice when I go here. Even if I go for the chocolate brownie. At least it’s wheat and gluten-free I suppose!
  • The Laughing Buddha – This is the local Chinese where I grew up and I can’t even guess how much birthdays or special occasions have seen us at this restaurant. Honestly, I think this restaurant has spoilt me for life as their Lemon Chicken, Seaweed, Crispy Duck and Sweet and Sour Chicken are out of this world and I’ve yet to find a place in London that even comes close to making it as well as they do. Woe is me!
  • Sandbanks – This beachside restaurant on the Algarve Coast is wondrous. It’s the first place we head to when we land in Faro, as the spicy wedges, salads, club sandwich and chicken and avocado wraps are legendary. Not to mention their fresh orange juice and pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce. And with a gorgeous view over looking the beach and sea, it can’t be beaten when the weather is glorious.
  • Ripley Curry Garden – The most delicious curry in all of Surrey can be found at this small restaurant. It’s everything you’d expect in a family run restaurant – small, friendly and with the most mouth-watering food. Whilst I don’t go for the most exciting of Indian dishes – Onion Bhaji, Bombay Aloo and Chicken Korma – they are all absolutely delicious.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some really excellent restaurants that I love, so perhaps I’ll have to do a second part to this post in the not too distant future. Now I wonder what Lau might choose as her favourites? I’m certain she’ll choose one or two that overlap with mine, but I wonder what else will feature?


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