Lau’s favourites – eating out

So it looks like it’s my turn to discuss my favourite eateries, here we go…

  • The Diner – This is the go to place whenever the youngest sisterling is in town because sometimes you just can’t beat a burger and fries, and one things for sure sometimes that’s just what you fancy!
  • The Cinnamon Club – I’ve been here a few times for special occasions and I love it. The tastes and flavours in the Indian cuisine are gorgeous and the setting of the restaurant inside the old Westminster Library is pure genius as the walls of books adds something to the decor. Plus there’s a lovely bar downstairs which serves delicious cocktails – always a winner with me!
  • Eat – There just so happens to be an eat right across from my office and it’s become somewhat of a Monday morning ritual to check out the weekly soup and hot pots menus to work out what days I will be buying my lunch from there. My favourites are the Mac and Cheese hotpot, the lentil and smoky bacon soup. Plus they do a delicious turkey, spinach and cranberry sandwich.
  • Yo Sushi! – So i’m a big big fan of this sushi bar. It’s got a great menu with a wide selection of foods, they make it easy to work out the prices of all the dishes by the different coloured plates on the belt and they do great deals. Not only is there the weekly Blue Plate Monday deal but they sent you a voucher when it’s your birthday to enjoy a 1/3 off your bill. Why thank you very much!
  • Pret – Another eatery close to work this is also perfect for lunchtime offerings. It’s always a toss up between the chicken caesar and bacon artisan baguette or one of the salads from here. Plus Godfrey the gingerbread man always manages to find his way into my hands!
  • Nandos – Who doesn’t love chicken and chips? I was first introduced to Nandos way back at uni and ever since then I have been a Nandos convert. There’s just something about this simple menu and the ordering. Basically choose the spice of your chicken, what you want the chicken in (burger, salad, wrap, pitta, nothing) and then choose your sides. That’s it sorted. Plus i’m a tad obsessed with the perinaise.

So it turns out that there aren’t too many similarities between our two lists. I’m actually quite surprised by that as I was expecting to see more of the same places if i’m honest.

Lau xxx


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