World Baking Day is coming!

Next week it is World Baking Day (May 19th). Obviously here at Cook, Bake and Eat we are going to celebrate this wonderful day by, you guessed it, BAKING. We’re taking part in the World Baking Day Challenge to bake something we’ve never baked before. If you fancy taking part then head on over to here to get your recipe. Just click on your baking level and a recipe will be chosen for you.

I’ve ended up with recipe number 71 which is a Lisa Faulkner recipe for Treacle Tart – coincidently this is something that I’ve been thinking about making for a long time as my Mum makes a delicious one so I’m incredibly excited although also a tad worried about the pastry side of things!

Fi’s got number 78, the most amazing looking Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake. She’s a little bit excited about making this as it’s one of her all time favourite flavour combinations (see here) although she’s fairly scared about the fact it’s SIX layers of cake, eek!!

We will of course let you know how these go. Is anyone else taking part? What recipe are you turning your hand at?

Lau xxx


2 thoughts on “World Baking Day is coming!

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