Lemon and blueberry squares

You know sometimes you fancy baking something but you really feel like you shouldn’t as you’ve had enough chocolate to last you a lifetime? But yet you still have a hankering for cake? When that’s the case the answer is a morsel of something sweet and cakey that’s also super light and wonderfully moist. Or as I like to call it the taste of Spring.

That’s where these lemon and blueberry squares come in. They are refreshing and tasty and most importantly they taste like Spring. So even when the sun’s not shining – basically the last few months – you will still be able to feel the warmth on your skin by just smelling these. It’s not a secret that I like this combination of flavours, lemon and blueberry just works so well together, it’s like chocolate and peanuts or sweet and sour. A winning combination. We’ve dabbled with this flavour in the past, see the Skinny Lemon Cupcakes post, but to be honest somethimes those ingredients are a faff and the method is more than you can be bothered to do. Yet again, that’s where these come in as they are the easiest things to make in the entire world – honestly they are simple pimple. Plus as I liked to remind everyone who ate one of these: they are practically one of your five a day as there’s so much fruit packed in each square. Seriously I tried that line numerous times, I’m not sure anyone agreed though!

So anywho back down to business, this recipe is by Donal Skehan and was in a recent issue of delicious. magazine – we didn’t make any changes apart from leaving off the topping. If you want to make these delicious morsels simply read on!

250g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
225g golden caster sugar
4 large eggs
225g softened butter
3 tbsp milk
zest of three lemons
250g blueberries

And all you do is:
Make a well in a mixing bowl with all the dry ingredients
Add the eggs, milk, butter and lemon zest and beat altogether with an electric hand mixer until smooth
Add the blueberries
Put the batter into a greased and lined tin (25cm x 30xm)
Bake in the middle of the oven on 170 for 35 minutes
Remove and leave to cool on a wire rack

The recipe in delicious. magazine suggested that you add a lemon juice and icing sugar style icing, but for me the cake is plenty sweet and lemoney enough without it, so we ignored that piece of advice!

Enjoy the taste of spring and don’t feel guilty, each square is packed with fruit after all!

-Fi xx


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