Fruit Smoothies

So it looks like summer might actually be making an appearance – finally! This makes the timing of this post pretty perfect.

Today I wanted to share some smoothie recipes with you. Fi always makes smoothies, especially after a run, but it’s not something I ever do. The main reason for this is that all smoothies I come across (both shop bought and recipes) contain banana and I hate the taste of banana. I swear if something has the hint of banana in then I will sniff it out. I think they use the banana as a binding ingredient or something so it’s in practically every drink. So I basically steer clear of smoothies all together. The only one that I do drink is Innocent’s kiwi, apple and limes as it contains no banana – whoop whoop for me!



Although i’ve just never bothered to make them in case they turn out badly. That is until I received a message from my youngest sister saying ‘try this smoothie, just made it. It’s delicious and there’s no banana’. She knows me so well. So of course at the first opportunity I grabbed the ingredients and got blending. The result was delicious and therefore I am sharing it with you lovely people.

Becca’s banana free fruit smoothie

2 apples chopped roughly into chunks
2 kiwis
juice from half a lime
1 passionfruit
cup of water
a handful of ice cubes

Now simply drop all the ingredients into a blender and whizz up. Pour into a glass add a straw and enjoy.

As I mentioned above Fi always makes smoothies. Here’s her go to recipe.

Fi’s Berry Smoothie

1 cup of raspberries
1 banana
a smidge (so helpful here Fi) of water or milk

Add everything to a blender and blitz away.

What about you guys do you have any delicious smoothie recipes? Do let us know as we’d love to try some different things.

Lau xxx


One thought on “Fruit Smoothies

  1. I’m expecting Becca to make me one when she’s home after I’ve had a day at work. Sounds good.

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