Cod and Pesto Lasagna

We both love a big bowl of pasta, no matter the occasion, season or time of day pasta is always on the cards! I’m sure we’ve mentioned in the past how amazing the Mumbles’ lasagna is and we’ve actually made a fish lasagna in the past (not that I can find the post, oops) but when I spotted a fish pesto version I knew we would be making it and hooray the opportunity presented itself at the weekend. My reasoning for making such a dish? The fact that pesto and pasta are basically staples in our London flat – we probably have it for dinner or lunch once a week as it’s super-easy and we ALWAYS have the ingredients in stock.

We adapted the Sorted recipe and these were our simple steps:

Make a white sauce using butter, plain flour and milk
Fry some leeks and mushrooms in a dash of soy sauce
Chop the cod/prawns/anything fishy into cubes (about 200g)
Mix white sauce, fish, mushrooms, leeks and 2 tsps of pesto together and simmer for five minutes
Layer the sauce mixture and lasagna sheets in an overproof dish
Cover the top with sauce and then a layer of pesto
Bake at 200˚C for 20 minutes

Eat and fall in love!


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