Eton Mess – Summer is here

I’m going to start this post by explaining that my nickname when I was younger was ‘the strawberry queen’ because I could never get enough of strawberries – I still can’t in fact. I used to spend summer’s sitting in our garden’s strawberry patch devouring the fruits and I’m quite certain that no one else ever got a look in! So when I had to come up with a dish for our Guilty Pleasures evening I knew straight away that strawberries would have to be involved, but one problem: strawberries don’t make me feel guilty. Cream on the otherhand is another matter and suddenly I had the two main ingredients for my dish. And let’s be honest once you have cream and strawberries then Eton Mess is the only logical option.


This recipe couldn’t be easier as I used shop bought meringues – I did think about making my own but timing was a factor and I was feeling lazy. So instead it was shop bought all the way. as for the method, here’s what I did with my three ingredients; meringues, whipping cream and strawberries.

  • halve the strawberries and crush the meringues – I used 2 punnets of strawberries (800g) and 4 meringues.
  • next use an electric whisk to whip the cream into peaks, be careful not to over whisk and split the cream. Once whisked fold the strawberries and meringue into the cream.

Voila you have yourself one super summery pudding.

Lau xxx

P.S. – Meringue is definitely something that I’m going to try making sometime soon, my dream is to be able to make those giant meringues with the swirls of chocolate and strawberry syrup running through it.

P. P.S – on a side note my nicknames now range from Lozzle, Lauraloo and Lozzleberry. I think I prefer the strawberry queen!


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