Kitchen loveliness

We’ve been in our rhubarb and custard kitchen for over three years now and it’s not really changed at all since we moved in. The fundamental bits and bobs are all the same, the only real difference is that we’ve got a new toaster – a shiny red one, not one of those cheap white plastic ones – and a few more homey items. Like our (my) Russian doll measuring cups and our super colourful Knickerbocker Glory glasses. Even though we don’t NEED anymore bits and bobbins in our kitchen – we have everything you could possibly need plus a few things you don’t (chalk and a lemon squeezer to name two things) – I still find myself browsing for things online. There are so many lovely bits and pieces around that I just know would make our kitchen an even lovelier place but I just can’t be flexing the credit card at the moment. So instead I’m adding them here, that way when I have a smidge more money I have a handy shopping list all in one place – genius you say!

Self-draining DishrackNeon bottle | Pastel Teapot | Spatula Set | London Chopping Board | Salad Servers |  Cake Tins | Chalkboard Labels | Glasses


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