July’s cooking, baking and eating round up

July is over already, how has that happened? We all know by now that today’s post is all about the things we’ve been cooking, baking and eating this month.

To start with what have we cooked? Well honestly this month has mainly been about the salads and fresh bread and cheese. There’s something about the British summer time that invites long lazy delicious suppers into my brain (and stomach). So we haven’t actually cooked a huge amount of anything, there’s been baked potatoes and salad, cheese and biscuits, chunky sandwiches and quiches. Plus pasta too.

Again not much baking has happened. Can you believe no bread has been made? What a travesty. That must be rectified in August. We’ve baked¬†chocolate and marshmallow fluff pie (post coming soon), a peanut butter chocolate cake and lots of peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes.

Just like last month the two of us have eaten out loads! It must be a summer sunshine thing. There’s been…

  • The Falcon – burgers = delicious
  • Eddie Rockets, Dublin – great diner fare
  • Tante Zoe’s, Dublin – crazy waitress and bad service but the food was good
  • Wallace’s Taverna, Dublin – perfect pizza
  • Dublin Airport – good coffee and fresh cakes – while watching the Wimbledon final
  • Copious amounts of iced vanilla lattes for me
  • Picnics in Green Park and on Clapham Common
  • Barbecues at the parentals x3
  • Drinking Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse – and pouring our own pints!
  • Lunches at the Shake Shack – newly opened in Covent Garden and so good. Try the peanut butter milkshake
  • The Diner (again)
  • Mussels at Belgo
  • Pizza at Zizzi’s

Lau xxx


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