Veggie based lasagne

When we were away in Wales a few weeks back, we ate two delicious variations of vegetable based lasagna and I was in heaven. It made me think I need to make more lasagna of yumminess like these. We’ve dabbled with a fish and a chicken one in the past (separately obvs), but I think it’s high time we went for more veggie ones. So with that in mind I’ve been sourcing scrumptious looking veggie based lasagna and here are some of my favourites…

Cheat’s Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna – anything that includes the word ‘cheat’ is my cup of tea as it implies simplicity! Sadly I’ll have to make this when Lau’s not around as I don’t think she’d appreciate all the mushrooms in this one.

Five-veg Lasagna – With aubergines, red pepper and mushrooms this is definitely one for the recipe book and whilst it does have mushrooms they aren’t a main component so I’m sure you could substitute them or leave them out easily. I love the addition of pine nuts on the top of this one too, so crunchy and yummy.

Butternut Squash, sage and ricotta bake – technically this is a pasta bake, so no layering is used, but I think a lasagna version with more pasta would be even nicer than just a bake. The creamy squash would be a wonderful accompaniment for the cheesy – I can’t wait to give this one a whirl!

Mushroom and sweet potato lasagna – Another mushroom based one – sorry Lau! – but again this is a must-make because it’s two of my favourite veggies and bonus, it doesn’t sound too complicated. I also like the idea of adding in the beans to this one, such an unusual idea but I thing it sounds yummy!

Pesto Lasagna – Pesto and pasta is quite a staple in our household so a variation on this theme is always going to be a hit with us. I would ever have thought of adding cheese and turning our simple pesto pasta into a lasagna until I saw the recipe. But now I can’t wait to try it – I can almost smell the crunchy pasta top calling to me!

So those are my current top five veggie lasagna recipes, what about yours any that you suggest I add to the list?


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