August baking and eatings

Yes, it’s that time again! A new month, means a recap on what the two of us have been eating, the restaurants we’ve visited and of course what we’ve been cooking. So what have Fi and I been up to this month foodwise?

Well in Wales there was vegetarian lasagna of amazingness (as mentioned here), butter buns (extreme levels of delicious) and welsh cakes by the dozen (not even slightly exaggerating here), which reminds me we really should make our own soon….

Then we were in Leeds where we had a delicious Thai meal and a relaxing picnic in Roundhay Park.

Aside from the eating out while we were away we also managed to make it to The Yard, Shake Shack, The Seahorse Pub, Flutes at Wembley Stadium, Five Guys, Wagamamas and Del ‘Aziz. Not bad for a month between the two of us!

Now for cooking and baking ourselves there’s definitely been more going on this month in comparison to July. We cooked up some turkey burgers with friends in Leeds. Then we both made cakes at seperate times for sharing with work people. I picked whoopie pies to make, you can check out our original whoopie pie post here and my updated one from this time of baking them here. Fi made herself (and her work friends) some oreo brownies from a Lorraine Pascale recipe.

Also this month we’ve started a new cooking challenge – read more on that here and keep your eyes peeled for the recipes that came out of this challenge.

Plus in other baking related news the wonderful show that is The Great British Bake Off is back. Yippee!! We both just love this show!

What about you lovely people, how has your month of food been?

Lau xxx


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