Comfort foods

So it’s officially Autumn you guys!

Two weeks ago Fi and I landed back in the UK from Portugal at 12:45 am to pouring rain and cold temperatures – a bit of a shock after the sunny weather that we experienced in Portugal. Talk about the perfect way to herald in a new season! Anyway now we are embracing the cold weather and enjoying it immensely. Goodbye flip-flops, salads and picnics in the park and hello patchwork quilts, boots, warming soups and casseroles. Let’s be honest the most exciting part about autumn and winter is the delicious comfort food that we all turn to. Some of our favourites are roast dinners, pies, turkey & tarragon sweet potatoes, chilli, stroganoff and our newly discovered sausage casserole.

Also there’s the good old tuna pasta, which is what I wanted to share with you today. In the two years of this bloglets existence I can’t believe that this hasn’t been discussed but I think that’s probably because it’s such a simple and easy recipe that we just haven’t thought to mention it! Well that’s about to change as sometimes the simple recipes are the best, right?! I made this last Thursday when we were catching up with friends as we wanted something quick and easy to make that could just be shoved into the oven and left to do its thing!

This recipe really couldn’t be more simple.

1. Start your pasta cooking in the usual way.
2. While the pasta is cooking get started on your white sauce. For a basic white sauce you need to make a roux with the butter and flour and then add the milk continually stirring as it thickens. Then add seasoning. I honestly can’t tell you quantities here as it’s just something that I do by sight. But I’m sure there are some good recipes online if you need them.
3. Once the sauce and pasta are ready you all set to go. Drain the pasta and the mix in two tins of tuna. Next add about half of the white sauce to the mixture.
4. Pour the pasta mix into a dish and then pour the remaining sauce over the top – it soaks through the pasta this way.
5. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and then bake in the oven for about 30 mins.

I have to admit that this one tasted so good, I’m not sure why. It wasn’t quite up to my Mum’s standards but it’s getting there. Quick question: how is it that things cooked by my Mum always taste better? It’s a mystery!

Lau xxx

p.s. listing all our favourite winter warmers has got me excited for the next few months of good food.


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