September aka the month we stuffed our faces!

As another month comes to an end, yes really we are now in October, it’s time for a moment to remember the lovely food we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy over the last month and really it’s been quite a month for both of us. It’s definitely the month that’s seen a move from salad and sandwiches to pastry, soup and marshmallows in drinks, which has cheered me right up. I am most definitely ready for this cooler weather and the beginning of my favourite season. So here are some of the things we’ve been enjoying in the foodie world over the last month…

  1. We had a lovely afternoon tea at the Palm Court at The Langhan Hotel, which was absolutely delicious and a real treat. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for somewhere lovely for afternoon tea in London, it really was superb. And you get a LOT of food. We had jelly, champagne, tea, two scones each, eight sandwiches each and five different dainty cakes, plus we could have had many more scones or sandwiches. They were all of course delicious!
  2. We had a brilliant week away in Portugal in September, which meant lots of lovely Portugese treats – Ruffles, chocolate sandwich biscuits, club sandwiches and ice creams galore as is the usual way. Plus we visited some of our favourite eateries – Sandbanks, Maria’s and of course a trip to the Chinese for a takeaway. It had to be done.
  3. I finally made it to the MeatMarket this month for a double cheeseburger and chilli cheese fries. The burger was good, even if the number of toppings were a little bit excessive. As for the fries, yeah not really a fan. Oh yeah and also the next day I did not feel good, clearly something didn’t agree with me. I will most definitely be sticking to the Shake Shack or Five Guys from now on!
  4. There was one week this month that I think saw me eating Italian food four out of the seven nights, what a great week! One such night saw us celebrating Dad’s birthday at Casa Vita, a really lovely family run Italian restaurant. The food was delicious, as one expects at an Italian and it led to a discovery of baked avocado as an actual meal – how had no one told me about this concept before then?!
  5. Lau saw this post on A Rosie Outlook earlier so we simply had to give it a whirl ourselves, our version included a mix of tomato pesto and mayonnaise and a lot of veggie goodness. These really were delicious so I definitely think you should all get making them asap.
  6. Other trips out and about have included Zizzi’s, Yo Sushi and an awful lot of morning coffee. Oddly enough the venti sized coffees seem to be making an appearance, which is not ideal!
  7. As for other bits and bobs we’ve been baking (which you’ll hopefully see on the bloglet soon, if they’ve not yet been shared) and cooking. We had Focaccia, triple chocolate cookies, banana and oat biscuits and some serious easy and not to mention delicious sweet AND savoury pinwheels.
  8. September saw the second in our Ready Steady Cook Challenges, with Lau giving me the ingredients to work with this time. These included chocolate and mackerel. I’ll be updating on what I cooked soon I promise!

So all in all a pretty good month of foodie goodness for us in September I wonder what we’ve got to look forward to in October, I can hardly wait to find out! What about you, what were your favourite foody things this in September?

– Fi xx


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