Pastry Pinwheels

The other day at work I had an attack of the snacks around about 3:30pm. I honestly felt starving. I’m not sure what was wrong with me but I just couldn’t concentrate and I knew I’d have to get some food in me if I wanted to even think about having a productive day. So off downstairs to the cafe I headed to see what delights they had in stock. The cafe at my work is pretty impressive as along with the usual snack fair; crisps, popcorn, chocolate bars, fruit and drinks they have a coffee bar that also sells freshly made cakes. It was towards these cakes that I headed. On offer was a blueberry chocolate loaf which looked divine. But at £1.30 I didn’t have enough money for that – sad times. However my luck was in when my eyes landed on the hazelnut swirls, which were only 50p. I thought okay I’ll give it a go and see what they are like. Guys, they were delicious. Think crumbling pastry pinwheels filled with a hazlenut paste and crunchy chopped hazelnuts. To die for. So much so that I didn’t have time to take a picture as I literally inhaled it in seconds!

Anyway after eating this hazlenut pinwheel concoction I decided that I just had to give these a go myself. So I did. The timing was perfect as Fi and I had some friends over for a film night so I set about making a savoury and sweet version of the pinwheels. they ended up reaping the benefits of my endeavors!

Firstly I admit I bought some of those ready made pastry sheets so all I had to do was divide this into two and then spread the fillings on the sheet. Then roll it up from one end, slice into snails and bake in the oven.

So the fillings; for the savoury version I literally spooned red pesto onto the pastry. Yes, from a jar!

For the sweet version I mixed together chopped hazlenuts with two tablespoons of nutella. Then spread across the pastry. Delicious.

In terms of baking, each of these flavours took about 20 minutes in the middle shelf at 200C.

Easiest recipe ever right! I feel a bit guilty typing this up now, maybe I should have made the pastry myself, then I’d be feeling a bit better. Oh well, next time.

Lau xxx


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