Halloween inspired link love

Isn’t it weird how Halloween has become a holiday thing in the UK? I don’t remember celebrating Halloween that much when I was younger. It was really all about Bonfire Night instead. In fact I don’t really remember going trick or treating at all. I do remember that the first Halloween costume I made was for my first year at University, before that the event doesn’t really register. I also remember watching numerous American TV programmes where countless American kids were dressing up and trick or treating, but it wasn’t something that happened in our country. But now it’s quite a big craze in the UK. It feels like slowly each year it’s become a bigger event, celebrations have got bigger, more shops have embraced the spooky paraphernalia and now we have more trick or treaters knocking on the door each year. Why is that? Is it just the commercial side of things latching onto a new money making event? Hmm, interesting.

Anyway enough of my ramblings! Fi and I both decided that the best way to celebrate Halloween was to share a few of our favourite Halloween themed things currently floating around the internet. We are of course going to do some Halloween inspired baking for the actual day, at the moment we are debating the merits of either gingerbread skeletons or some kind of spooky ghost biscuits. We will of course add whatever gets made, but for now feast your eyes on these spooky ideas…

First checkout these free printables from the lovely ladies over at A Beautiful Mess. I think the poison bottle labels are my favourites and would be perfect if you were planning a Halloween party.

Then there’s these Haloween silicone icing moulds from Lakeland. Don’t the finished cupcakes look excellent? I think it just takes the humble cupcake to the next level.



Plus you could get the cupcake stand from Lakeland too. The perfect way to present these beautiful cakes. One great thing about this is that it’s made of card, so it’s easy to take apart and store until Halloween shows it’s spooky face again.



Also checkout this drippy nail DIY from honestlywtf.com. Isn’t it great? These are the perfect nails for Halloween. I’m definitely going to be doing these in a couple of weeks.


Isn’t this romper set so cute? Not that I have kids but If I did and I wanted to dress them up in something seasonal – this might just be what I picked! Check it out at Not On The High Street here.


Finally I discovered lots and lots of lovely things on Etsy – that place is dangerous you guys!

paper straws / photo booth props / retro treat bags / bat cupcake wraps / bunting

All these bits and pieces would be perfect for a Halloween party. I’m actually be upset that I didn’t get organised and host one. Maybe next year…

Lau xxx


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