Chocolate Tea Loaf

I spotted this recipe yonks ago on the BBC good food website here and have been itching to make it ever since for a couple of reasons; one it’s a chocolate cake and it looks super easy. And two it’s a loaf cake and I have never made a loaf cake – don’t ask me why, but it just has never happened!

Anyway I got the chance to make this a few days ago when I found out that it was a work friends birthday and therefore cake was needed. Cue me offering to make this chocolate tea loaf in time for Friday. I followed the recipe exactly so I’m not going to type it all out again. Just use the link above if you do want to bake it yourself. What I will say though is that this loaf is so moist it’s unbelievable. Plus you get slight goey bits where the chocolate chips are. Next time I make this I’m tempted to add in a few white chocolate chips too. Just for a bit of extra colour.


All my taste testers loved the cake, it was the perfect thing for a Friday afternoon pick me up. Another excellent point to make is that loaf cakes are so easy to transport. I just wrapped it up in the baking parchment and away we skipped to work. Easy as pie (even if it is a cake!).

Lau xxx


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