Amazingly delicious gooey marshmallow brownies

In our October foody update I mentioned the fact that I’d recently made marshmallow brownies, so I thought it was high time I actually shared te recipe with you. You’re welcome!

The recipe is one I’d pinned to my Sweet Eats board twice, yes really twice, in the past and seemed like a logical recipe to try as after all I do seem to have a bit of an obsession with brownies. Don’t believe me? Check out my previous brownie posts, so far I’ve made: Oreo brownies, sweet potato brownies and (one of my faves the mint brownies. So of course these fantastically chocolatey Marsmallow Brownies seemed like a great recipe to attempt. As surely marshmallows (one of my favourite things) would make the perfect addition, when I think of the pairing of chocolate and marshmallow gooeyness, I can’t even form words. Just wow – talk about match made in heaven! Also don’t they just look divine?

As for the ingredients, this was another plus point as I have all the required ingredients in my cupboards already – they are staples after all. So limited preparations – perfect! The recipe suggests that you make them for Halloween, which is quite ingenious, but I honestly could not handle waiting until then, I needed to make these brownies asap!

So here’s the recipe:


1 – Mix together the flour, cocoa and sugar
2 – Beat the eggs together
3 – Melt the chocolate and butter together
4 – Stir all the ingredients together
5 – Fold in the marshmallows
6 – Pour into a lined tin (30cm squared)
7 – Bake on 190⁰C for twenty minutes until set on top but still gooey in the middle

So easy right? And can I just say, totally delicious, full of gooeyness and crunch as well as caramelised bites of marshmallow. Divine.

I should flag that I baked these brownies for twenty minutes at the temperature specified and the top burnt whilst the middle was a tad (okay a lot) too squishy. So definitely cook these for longer and on a lower temperature if you’re not prepared to dig in with a spoon!

So what do you think do you fancy giving these a whirl? And any other brownie flavours I just have to try?

– Fi xx

This post was adapted from Pinterest Corner #32 – Marshmallow Brownies, a post originally posted on Fi’s Daily Ponderings.


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