Christmas planning and recipe love

Happy Sunday you lovely blog readers, how are you all today? I hope you’ve got a relaxing day planned today? As for me I’m currently embracing Christmas head on with a trip to the Spirit of Christmas, aren’t I lucky! A whole day spent looking at Christmas decorations and sampling festive food is my idea of heaven so as you can imagine I am about four-foot of the ground right now!

Anyway back to today’s post of joy, I thought I’d pop in to share some of our favourite things this month, it’s weird that at the moment all I seem to be ‘liking’ on Bloglovin’ is post after post related to food – it’s actually quite obscene. I’m not sure why now more than ever, maybe it’s something to do with the turn to autumn and wanting to eat everything to keep me alive during hibernation or maybe it’s just there’s just a plethora of amazing recipes out there right now! My current favourites are; this Cinder Toffee, this yummy looking squash and mushroom pasta and these squash and mushroom tarts (ye, clearly I’m obsessed with this flavour combination right now)! Then there are these apple almond muffins, these marshmallow cups, this peanut butter snickers pie with salted caramel and of course there had to be a brownie recipe in there – look at these hot chocolate ones. You’re salivating right?!

Now I haven’t got round to trying out any of those recipes yet, but give me time and I’m sure I will! But I have tried these amazing double chocolate biscuits and these super healthy oat and banana bites. Not only are they both amazingly delicious they are also both easy peasy to make – so you must give them a whirl. I have to say that Emma‘s triple chocolate cookies are the most american tasting cookies I’ve ever made and I’ve been striving for that perfect cookie for a while! Three cheers that I’ve managed to find a recipe eventually!

20131013-133637.jpg 20131013-133526.jpg

As is only logical being a BIG fan of Christmas I’ve started to think about what Christmassy delights I want to make this festive season. Here are my current top five – at the moment anyway – it’s bound to change soon! What is on your list?

Rudolph shortbread biscuits - decorated with melted chocolate and red dragées. From

reindeer cookies (source)

Christmas cupcake wreatha Christmas cupcake wreath (source)

DIY Gingerbread cookie garland.

a gingerbread cookie garland (source)

Melted Snowman Christmas Cookies #christmas #cookies #yum

melted snowmen cookies (source unknown)


our reindeer cupcakes – they were so good after all!

One final thing to share with you in today’s post and that’s the wonderful chocolate moulds that exist over on Baked by me, they really are amazing! I basically want to buy them all, so make sure you’ve got some willpower when you head that way for a peruse on the site! I think my current favoruites are the parcels, the winter penguins and of course the owls; oh and then of course these buttons – so cute!  Finally anyone else what a chocolate pizza?

Fi xxx


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