November Eats

Eating out Last month’s eating out was definitely less than normal, but we still managed to fit in some absolutely amazing places. Between us we made it to Wagamamas, Nandos, 1 Launceston Place and Homeslice. I wanted to mention two of these now:

Firstly, 1 Launceston Place was absolutely perfect. This was a treat for my Mum birthday and it was everything you’d expect from a Michelin starred restaurant. Tim Allen’s food was heavenly and I still can’t decide which was my favourite part!

Secondly, Homeslice. This is an awesome pizza restaurant in Covent Garden. Think shared wooden tables, huge pizzas on wooden boards and no other food option. Yes, it only sells pizza but it’s so delicious that you don’t want anything else. We went as part of a group of 5 and got 2 pizzas between us. Each pizza had half and half toppings. My favourite was the butternut squash, roasted onions and pancetta topping – simply divine. The squash is like a puree and used instead of tomatoes. Whoever thought that up was a genius.

Other foody discoveriesThis month has been all about the Peanut Hottie, Christmas Sandwiches and bread mix.

Peanut Hottie – Please tell me you have tried this. What is it? Well, it’s a peanut butter flavoured hot drink, which I may have talked about this a bit too much on twitter and instagram but it’s absolutely amazing! It not only tastes delicious but the smell is heavenly too.

So in love with this stuff.

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Christmas Sandwiches – my current favourite is the M&S turkey with butternut squash stuffing. So good. Try it. Now! Also how cute is the Christmas packaging from Eat? It certainly cheers up eating at your desk!


Artisan bread mix – I made this when I was at home visiting my parents, it was so unbelievably easy to do. Just follow the recipe exactly and you’ll end up with a delicious seeded bread.

Bread Mix.png

Home Baking – We have also baked an awful lot this month. Here goes with the long list; fruit crumblesChicken live pate, sticky gingerbread cake, raspberry brownies, toad in the hole, Aubergine Parmigiana, white bread loaf, turkey & tarragon sweet potatoes, a four tiered birthday cake for Mum’s birthday, chickpea and vegetable stew, peanut butter brownies (yes, again), Reindeer cupcakes and banana and walnut loaf. As is the normal routine recipes for new things will be typed up and posted over the next month or so, between Christmas baking of course!

What about you lovely lot? Any delicious bakes, makes or eatings out to share with us?

Lau xxx


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