Christmas Recipe plans

I think it’s fair to say that Lau and I have shared before that for us Christmas if about the two ‘F’s: Family and Food. So today I thought I’d share some of the recipes I hope to make over the next few weeks. The recipes are a mix of old and new/favourites and newbies. If you have any other suggestions let us know and who knows we might add them!

Hot Chocolate – Nothing can beat it when you’re watching a Christmas film or playing board games with the family. I think this year though I might try this Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate from How Sweet Eats. How amazing does that sound? I feel the texture will be akin to the river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Marshmallows – I had no idea you could make them so easily, but now that I do I’m thinking these would be perfect with the hot chocolates!

One hot drink I’ve never tried is Eggnog and I feel like amending that this year, maybe at the parentals’ Christmas drinks party before Christmas. Especially as it looks so easy, thanks Rosie for sharing the recipe for hot and cold eggnog.

Mince Pies – Mum’s recipe where the lids are stars, super-cute!

Stained glass window biscuits – we used to make these as a kid and they were so cool. I definitely want to find time to make them this year too, especially after being inspired by this Domestic Sluttery post here recently, where they made something similar. Such cute Christmas stars!

Sausage Rolls – Dad does the best ones having been taught by Nanna, but this year I fancy trying a twist on the recipe that I saw in Emerald Street recently. They shared a Ginger Pig recipe for pork and cranberry sausage rolls – don’t they sound divine?

Reindeer Cakes – We often make the reindeer cupcakes we shared here, but I think this time I might make chocolate balls that are transformed into reindeers. I’m thinking either truffles or chocolate crispy cake. That could work right?


What are you planning on making this Christmas? Any of the same things as us and are they favourite recipes or are you introducing some new ones too?

– Fi xxx


3 thoughts on “Christmas Recipe plans

  1. Ooh, home made marshmallows? I need to make those!
    I’m celebrating Christmas with my entire family, and our tradition is that everyone brings something. I think I’m in charge of the bakes goodies to go with the tea and coffee in the afternoon. I’m not sure yet what I’ll bake though, there are so many wonderful Christmas recipes!

    • I know, who knew you could make them so easily! I think you’ve got the best job for Christmas if it’s the baked goods you’re organising although maybe that’s the worst one as there’s just too much to choose from. Good luck deciding on something!

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