A Gingerbread Tree of Stars

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with family and friends and got one or two things you wanted. We’ve still got two days of celebrating at our parents house (today and tomorrow) and then we’re returning to London town for the customary flat sort out and organisation before the New Year. As well as saying Happy Christmas I wanted to share one of my favourite Christmas bakes from the last week – I think this is the item I am most proud of this year, so let’s get to the story shall we?!

A few years ago Lau and I bought this ingenious cutter set from Lakeland (AKA the shop of dreams) so that we could bake up a storm and end up with a pretty darn awesome biscuit tree. Two years ago we made said tree out of shortbread and it looked rather nice and tasted even better. See below:

shortbread tree

But this year we decided to up the game a bit and create something that would be even more awesome for the Christmas drinks party the parents held last weekend. This time we went for gingerbread stars. But how could we make it even better than two years ago? Answer: Layers of fondant icing plus smarties as baubles. Damn near genius, yes? So here’s the final creation. Thoughts?


Let’s just say people went slightly crazy for it and assumed it had taken hours. It didn’t it took an hour at most. So if you’re planning an exciting New Year’s Eve party and want to wow your guests – this is the thing. Or you could go for piped icing like the team at Domestic Sluttery did here. Also pretty cool, but possibly a bit more effort.

You’re welcome.

-Fi xx


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