A few New Year resolutions…

So it’s the start of 2014, happy New Year! However you celebrated I hope you had a good time and are now relaxing as is customary on January 1st. As far as I’m concerned today is the one day where all you are supposed to do is sit on the sofa, eat, and watch crap TV all without getting out of your pjs, so why not embrace it – I most certainly will be!

Today is also a good time to take stock and think about what you want to do or get out of the New Year so maybe you’re doing that today too. As it is blogging custom to share plans/hopes/dreams for the coming year at the start of a new one, we thought we’d do the same in today’s post. If you’ve done something similar we’d love to read your posts too, so why not share them in the comments below and we promise we’ll check them out!


So below are the five things we want to do with our blog in 2014:

  1. Be better about the images. Often the very last thing you want to do after you’ve cooked something delicious is pause and photograph it, as let’s be honest getting a decent food photo can be a painstaking business and all you really want to do is eat the food whilst it’s hot and at its most delicious. However, that is not the recipe for a good-looking blog post is it?! And more often than not our crappy iPhone pics are what we use on here, so that needs rectifying asap!
  2. Take our Ready Steady Cook challenge more seriously! We’ve been lax on these posts over the last few weeks and when we have done them we’ve made it more convenient for ourselves by amending or relaxing the rules when the whole point of the challenge was to push ourselves to make more interesting or unusual dishes. Not to just whip up a batch of brownies and be done with it. So we must try harder and we must plan better for this challenge next year.
  3. More DIYs. I loved when we made our etched cutlery pots and they are so useful. I still have an entire board on Pinterest of items I want to make for our kitchen and with a potential new kitchen coming our way soonish, thanks to our (fingers crossed) impending house move, I really want to share more crafty things with you on here. Be it these chalkboard spice jars, some decorated plates and mugs, some genius new magnets or some brilliant wall art.
  4. Don’t ignore the savoury! Our favourite to sweet recipe ratio looks something like this: 33:49. So yes we’re clearly sweet tooth people, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying new savoury things. So that’s 2014’s plan – more savoury stuff. It’s not like I’m lacking in inspiration. I’ve been dying to make a butternut squash rigatoni for ages, want to do more stuffed vegetables and love the idea of making warming stews. So I just have to make some!
  5. Share more of our favourite foodie posts from around the internet. I’m always seeing genius ideas and lovely recipe posts on Bloglovin’ but I rarely share them with you lovely lot. So that needs to happen more this year. I can start that one now though, with the below current favourites.

Peppermint Mocha CupcakesMushroom, Onion and Cheese Pasta ShellsGingerbread GranolaPecan and Cranberry Fudge Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk Banana CakeSpicy Beer Braised Lime Chicken Enchiladas Red Onion Chutney

So what about you, what are your blogging, foodie, general New Year’s resolutions? I’d love some more inspiration for myself and this blog!

Here’s to a brilliant 2014 for one and all!

– Fi xx


3 thoughts on “A few New Year resolutions…

  1. Love that your resolutions all have something to do with your blog! Great idea! I’ve listed mine too on my blog, but they are a little bit more general! I’m really looking forward to more DIY’s on here and I’d love to cook more often based on your recipes! Happy 2014 and good luck with your goals!

    • Thanks for stopping by. The logic behind blog resolutions is that with both of us working on them we’re bound to achieve them – or at least I like to think we will. Good luck with all your 2014 resolutions too. And do let us know if you make any of our recipes – we’d love to see/hear about them. xx

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