Smoothie making

Over the past couple of weeks both Fi and I have been having great fun with making smoothies. Fi’s had a smoothie maker for years and every now and again will get on the smoothie making bankwagon, but I’ve always shied away from it. Why? Well because most smoothie recipes I find seem to include banana and I loathe the taste of banana. So in the past I’ve just sat and watched while Fi makes her wonderful smoothie creations, and honestly her banana and berries smoothie always look so delicious and cheery until I taste it…

So yes that was our smoothie life, until we started half marathon training and Fi started making more and more smoothies and I got more and more jealous. And then I found the below on Pinterest and suddenly a whole world of smoothie opportunities was opened up to me.


Talk about a revelation!

So now I’ve been chopping fruit and blending ingredients most days and I love it. There’s so many options when it comes to making smoothies. The latest batch of ingredients can be seen below.

smoothie ingredients

What we ended up doing is splitting the ingredients into bags, each with enough fruit for one smoothie and then shoving them into the freezer. So then it’s easy to grab a bag, defrost it a bit and then blitz it with some milk/yogurt/water and a handful of spinach leaves. Oh and sometimes a sprinkling of oats too. Yum yum yum. How organised and healthy and delicious all in one go!


If anyone’s got any lovely smoothie recipes then please do share.

Lau xx


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