A Sunday kitchen wishlist

Happy Sunday lovely people, I hope you’ve had a lovely day! We’ve spent the day running (an 11.2 mile half marathon training run), eating and being lazy – it was blissful! At the moment Lau and I are in the process of moving house. I say process, what I really mean is that we’re stressing out on how complicated it is to deal with estate agents and find something decent for our revised budget – check out this waffley post from last week to read more about my frustrations!
To cheer myself up during a stressful search I’ve taken to dreaming about my new kitchen. ‘Tis the only thing stopping my from losing my mind over this house search malarkey and also stopping me from calling it off when I remember we’ll have to get rid of our rhubarb and custard kitchen – sad face indeed as I love our kitchen, it’s my favourite room in our house. But I’m not allowed to get maudlin today, so let’s carry on with today’s post where I’m sharing some of the things that have made it on to my new kitchen wishlist so far…
kitchen wishlist 1

Teapot / Le Creuset Dish / Pearl Drop Plates / Kitchen Aid Mixer / Tea Towel

kitchen wishlist 2

 ‘Garden’ Cake Tin / Orla Kiely Jar / Gold Dipped Cutlery / Glass Jar / Salad Bowl 

So let’s discuss some of these items shall we… First up yes I am one of those people who dreams of owning a kitchen aid mixer. Deal with it! I just wish they weren’t so expensive as this metallic cider one is beautiful, and I don’t just love it because the colour is called ‘apple cider’ – honest! Also how did I not know there were purple Le Cresuet items in existence – I need!

I’m a big fan of storage items, so a few new jars would be good. I’m currently torn between Orla Kiely’s beautiful iconic jars or the glass/wood concoction – both so awesome. Also I need that tea towel in my life! And gold dipped cutlery, after all doesn’t everyone?

If you were looking for new kitchen items, what would be the first thing on your list…

Good luck for the next week.

– Fi xx


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