Our brand new picture wall!

So today’s post is a little different as I’m sharing a non food related post with you. WTF I hear you shout! Well yes I am sorry it’s not food related but it is a good ‘un so I hope you’ll forgive me and indulge me on this post! Anyway Let’s get back to the post, a DIY one in fact, that I’m sharing with you today. For this post we need to travel from the kitchen to our living room, home of the bright pink owl cushion and the £5 wallpaper!

We’ve had a picture wall in there since we first moved into the flat but over the last couple of years some of the frames have broken and as we’ve taken the frames off the wall to dust them or change the pictures we’ve failed to replace them correctly and so it was starting to look like a total mess. So a change was needed. We brainstormed a lot if ideas and realised we needed something that would allow us to change the photos regularly, add more photos easily and most importantly something inexpensive as we hope to move soon and need to save the pennies. With this in mind whatever we did had to be movable to the new house and ‘go’ with that decor too. Not much to ask for right?!

After some thought we settled on a washi tape frame with the sophisticated combo of paper clips and string. It sounds a bit crap right? but with the addition of photos and fairy lights I think you’ll agree that we totally nailed it! And it meets all our important criteria, huzzah!







So what do you think, do you like it and have we inspired you to rethink your photo wall/display?


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