The land of frites, pancakes and bagels

Last month we were extremely lucky to spend a long weekend exploring the beautiful city of Amsterdam. As well as doing all the touristy stuff – Anne Frank’s House, the Van Gogh Museum, a canal boat trip, searching for tulips, etc – we had a few foodie things we wanted to tick off our list whilst there.

We obviously had to experience frites and mayonnaise, which is practically an obsession in Amsterdam. On pretty much every street there’s a small takeaway shop selling them in paper cones – so cute! We didn’t go for the paper cone serving option, mainly because we were in torrential rain all weekend and paper and water aren’t the best mix! Instead we opted to shelter in a small pub during torrential rain and have them then. Let’s be honest we weren’t even slightly disappointed – the combo is a winning one!

One surprising thing we discovered whilst there was a cafe chain called Beans and Bagels, which as the name suggests is all about the coffee and bagels. I’d recommend this to anyone fancying a simple and filling breakfast. We got coffee and bagels (with numerous toppings) for about 10 euros which wasn’t bad considering how much we had. Also it introduced me to the idea of cream cheese and chocolate sprinkles on a bagel – genius!


Before I mention the best foodie thing about the whole trip   I need to mention the sheer amount of cake and coffee stops we had on our weekend – it was almost obscene! But hey a good tourist survives on a full stomach so multiples coffees and cake – in particular this banana bread, which lets be honest is basically a breakfast food is essential!


The absolute crowning glory of our trip occurred on our final day when we trekked across the city to experience one of the most highly recommended pancake places, at least according to the internet and multiple guidebooks. We were not disappointed by The Pancake Bakery in the slightest. Not only was the restaurant cute and quirk, it also happened to make the most amazing pancakes. They were huge and the toppings weren’t just toppings they were embedded in the pancakes, yes embedded in the pancakes. I really have to try this out myself one day! After much deliberation I settled on a banana, apple and raisin topping, with lashings of maple syrup and molasses – delicious. Lau went for bacon and apple and our friend had a random concoction of onion, bacon, mushrooms and cheese. I definitely think mine was the most superior pancake. Hands down.


So that was our Amsterdam culinary experience – anything you would have suggested/added from your own travels there?

– Fi xx


5 thoughts on “The land of frites, pancakes and bagels

  1. Hi Fi
    Glad to have found your blog on this rainy Saturday. Wow these pics are fab! They made me hungry! LOVE the idea of cream cheese and choc chips and the pancakes look AMAZE…we have never done Amsterdam as we are put off by the creepy side do you reckon you can avoid it? You may like my blog Amanda x

    • I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed it! Sorry to make you so hungry! The pancakes were so delicious, I think I’ll struggle to ever make something as nice at home! You definitely should visit Amsterdam – it really is beautiful and there’s so much to do. I too was keen to miss the more seedy side of the city and we managed to. We saw a few less friendly bits but it was easy to steer clear of it all so you should definitely go – you’d miss such a fantastic city otherwise! I’ll definitely check out your blog, headed there now… x

      • Ah thanks Fi re dropping by my blog!! I am currently writing about my adventures in New York it was AMAZING! I went to Amsterdam for work a couple of times but didn’t get to see much so I think I will definitely add it to the list of places to try and get to soon! x

  2. Oooh you were in my country! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it! One small correction: It’s Bagels & Beans, not Beans & Bagels. Chocolate sprinkles on bread is actually very common and normal in the Netherlands — pretty much every household has a box of chocolate sprinkles to go with bread, I think 🙂 It seems like you had a great trip!

    • I knew I should taken a picture of the Bagels and Beans logo – I knew I’d get it wrong/ I loved that place though, I wished they had them over here. And how did I not know about the chocolate sprinkles idea, damn near genius! We did have a great trip, I can’t wait to come back. Thanks for stopping by. Fi x

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